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20s & 30s Support GroupSecond and fourth Tuesday of every month (6:30pm) - For young adults in their 20s & 30s living with cancer. An opportunity to connect with others & share your experiences. MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED.
Acrylic PaintingMondays (10am) - Learn the basics of mixing paint and a variety of painting approaches and tools. For the budding beginner to the advanced artist—come enjoy the creative process.
Adult Bereavement GroupThursdays (6:30pm)- Come and share your experiences with others who have lost a friend or family member to cancer.
After Breast Cancer Prosthesis & Bra FittingTuesday, April 15 (10am) - Provides women with free new prosthesis and/or new bras. Schedule a customized fitting & consultation appointment with a bra & prosthesis expert.
BALANCING OUT CANCER with the elements!Thursday, April 24 (10am) - Charlotte von Seefried; a certified Health and Nutrition Consultant will be exploring coping strategies to help members along their journey with cancer.
Breast Cancer: Risk Factors, Prevention, and Fertility Preservation with Dr. CasperWednesday, April 16 (6:30pm) - Breast Cancer: Risk factors, prevention and fertility preservation.This talk will cover the reasons for breast cancer risk increasing with age and our current research to detect high risk women and to lower the risk of breas
Community Soundscapes Workshop: Bringing A Story to Life with InstrumentsFriday, April 25 (6:30pm) - Using an array of instruments, participants will work together to animate a story based on a theme through the magic of rhythms and sounds. No musical experience necessary.
Core Strength Class with Brigid DineenWednesdays - This fitness class will include strengthening moves that focus on creating muscle balance and relaxation to ease stress.
Creative Movement with The National Ballet School of CanadaThursday, April 3 & 17 (10am) - This new movement class will explore, through contemporary dance & creative movement, the full potential of the body & its relationship to music. All welcome. No experience required.
Digital Storytelling (40+)Tuesdays (12:00pm) - An 8-week course in using digital media to document personal experiences, ideas and feelings about your or your loved one's cancer diagnosis.
Drama Workshop: Sharing Your StoryThursday, April 3, 10 & 17 (11:30am)- This 3-week workshop provides members with an opportunity to find their voice and perform to tell their stories. Drama techniques such improv, movement and humour will be explored.
Estate Planning and Disability Claims Made SimpleFriday, April 4 (1:30pm) - This workshop facilitated by Ryan and Jordana – full-time lawyers with Stancer, Gossin, Rose LLP (Toronto) will provide Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto members with a basic overview of the estate planning and disability claims proc
Family YogaMonday, April 14 (6:30pm) - Join our Noogieland facilitator; a dually certified Family & Child Yoga instructor for an evening of gentle yoga. No experience required, and supplies provided. Children and families ages 3+ are welcome to join us...
Filming Ourselves (teens-only)Tuesdays -January to May- (6:30pm) - Learn from professionals in the industry how to write your story, film your story, shoot your story, and show your story at Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto.
Food As Medicine: Macrobiotic Cooking Demystifiedevery other Monday (5:30pm) - Learn how to prepare delicious healing dishes for prevention and recovery. Caregivers are encouraged to attend. Full meal included in workshop, facilitated by one of Toronto's foremost vegan macrobiotics educators.
Friends & Family GroupTuesdays (6:30pm) - A Support Group for friends & family of someone living with cancer. MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED
GCGT Choirevery other Tuesday (6:30pm) - Want to be part of a choir?  Like to sing in the shower? Come & join us in harmony! No experience necessary! MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED
Guitar WorkshopWednesday, April 2, 16 & 23 (6pm)- Join Dom for a 3-week Guitar Workshop & explore some basic concepts such as: chords, timing, picking & strumming. Guitars will be provided onsite for the workshop. Ongoing participation required. Class limited to 5.
Health Inducing Alignment Workshop (Mitzvah Technique)every other Monday (4:30) - Improve your posture & release tension/stress at the same time! Enjoy gentle & practical sitting, standing & walking exercises. Can be readily applied to daily ,work & physical activities.
Health Rhythms: Drumming Workshop (4-week series)Wednesdays, April 2, 9, 16 & 23 (2:30pm) - Drumming is one of the oldest and universally healing rituals.
Illicit Sonnets: Poetry Performance & Workshop with Goerge Elliot ClarkeFriday, April 11 (6:30pm) - Inspired by George Elliott Clarke’s Illicit Sonnets collection of poems, One Room Theatre’s short poetry and dance performance re-affirms love as a way to rediscover the beauty of life and to render age, ethnicity, and cultural
Imagery for Healing with Crystal HawkThursdays, March 20 - April 24 (3pm) - Imagery can help deal with stress, illness & the grind of daily life. Get immediate positive feedback by learning easy-to-do imageries & gain a sense of control over your health. All welcome.
Introduction to Facebook (Social Media Workshop)Wednesday, April 2 (2:30pm) - In this 2-hour workshop, participants will learn the features of Facebook pages for individuals, organizations, and businesses and how Facebook can help.
Introduction to Meditation (8-week series)Thursdays (6pm) - This is an 8-week course will give you a solid grounding in meditation, the use of mantra & six additional supporting disciplines that combine to enhance your powers of concentration, enable you to relax deeply and secure a sense of well
Kids Grieve TooThursdays (6:30pm) - A structured support group for children ages 4-12 who have lost a family member or friend to cancer. An opportunity for children to share feelings and learn to cope with change.
Kids Talk OutTuesdays (6:30pm) - A structured support group for children ages 4-12 living with cancer, and children with cancer in the family.
Laughter YogaFriday, April 25 (5pm) - Laughter Yoga is a great therapeutic alternative that combines laughter exercises with yogic deep breathing, for a complete workout of wellness.
Leukemia and Lymphoma Networking Group2nd & 4th Monday of every month (6:30pm) - Connect with other people diagnosed and treated for a blood cancer such as Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma or Myelodysplasia Syndrome.
Mandala Mondays (12-week series)Monday, April 28 - July 14 (6pm) - This program will explore the use of Mandala’s as a tool for self-expression and insight for Gilda’s Club members.
Mindful Eating Workshop (3-week series)Wednesdays, March 19, 26, & April 2 (7:00pm-8:00pm) - Mindful Eating involves bringing one's full attention to the process of eating. This three-week workshop aims at renewing one's sense of pleasure, appreciation and satisfaction with food and eating.
Mindfulness for Anxiety and DepressionMonday, April 28 (6:30pm) - Just as exercising our body helps to maintain physical health, conditioning the brain through mindfulness and meditation can help to achieve mental health and peace of mind.
Morning Movie: The Family StoneWednesday, April 16 (10:30am)
Music JournalingThursdays (11:30am) - Music is often described as food for the soul. Listening to music can provide a calming influence for reflection, keep you company when you are alone, or help you discover new things about yourself and your capacity for joy.
Nutrition: The Forgotten Ingredient in Cancer CareTuesday, April 22 (1:30pm) - Ever wonder about the nutritional value in that tasty lentil burger, or why at GCGT, we avoid traditional cream based alfredo sauce and opt for plant based alternatives like bean or nut based "cream" sauces? Join Amy Symington
Ovarian Cancer Peer Support GroupMonday, April 28 (6:30pm) - This group is an advocacy/support group offering a safe place where survivors of ovarian cancer add their voices in support of each other, share experiences & help navigate our path of survivorship.
Parent Coffee Hourfirst and third Tuesday of every month (6:30pm) - A network group for adults who are parenting with cancer in the family.
Clowning for Adults (5-week series)Mondays (2pm) - Learn the art of clowning and develop personal growth, transformation, creative imagination and spontaneity. Explore the child in all of us. Expand your personal clown and express being new. Experience being who you are in the moment. Come
Radner's Readers monthly on a Thursday (1pm)- "Everything is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer
Radner's Readers: Morning MovieThursday, March 13 (11:00am-12:30pm) - WHAT’S PLAYING? The Reader (a compliment to last month’s book selection). Join us for a relaxation morning in the clubhouse in the clubhouse, equipped with blankets and a movie!
Self-Reiki Backgroundmonthly on a Wednesday (6pm) - A class dedicated to providing participants with a background overview of Reiki and its health benefits.
Self-Reiki Practicemonthly on a Wednesday (7pm) - Practice self-Reiki under the guidance of an instructor.
Self-Identity Journaling Workshop (8-week series)Thursdays in April (10am) - In this brand new 8 week workshop series, join Elizabeth Nardella mixed media artist and photographer on a journey to explore one’s life story. Members will create their own hand made journal which explores one’s story through
Spring Sipping: Tea Workshop!Thursday, April 24 (1pm) - The health benefits of tea have been a topic conversation and investigation since the original infusion of Cameilia Sinensis about 4700 years ago in China. Join Vicki Hartman, Child and Youth Coordinator and Interim Program Dire
Super Saturday: Easter Extravaganzamonthly on a Saturday (12pm) - Join your favourite Noogieland duo for an afternoon of Easter festivities! The clubhouse will be filled with special Easter treats for hunting during our Gilda’s Club Easter Egg Hunt, in addition to some yummy baking with Es
Tai ChiFridays (1pm) - An ancient Chinese martial art, widely used for health promotion. It is a sequence of fluid-like body movements, which foster and improve balance and mobility.
Teen Corner Tuesdays (6:30pm) - An opportunity for teens to connect, socialize, and share experiences living with cancer. MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED.
The Beloved Equation WorkshopThursday, April 24 (6:30pm) - Based on the self-published book by the program facilitator “The Beloved Equation: A True Story”, this workshop introduces 8 creative approaches using art and music to realize members’ goals and aspirations.
Therapeutic Touch Practice Groupsecond Thursday of every month (1pm) - Members who have studied this modality have an opportunity to continue learning how to use it. They’ll also be able to both give & receive a session with supervision & feedback.
Therapeutic Yoga (6-week series)Wednesdays (1pm) - Benefit from the healing and therapeutic powers of yoga. These classes include: a gentle vinyasa flow linking conscious breath with movement, restorative poses, and guided meditation (Yoga Nidra). Facilitated by Mary Ciofli-Khon.
Transitions Groupmonthly on a Tuesday (6:30pm) - Monthly networking group where people living post-treatment connect & share info about physical activity, healthy food choices, emotional well being, communicating with friends & family & taking an active role in managing t
Using Digital Photography to Tell StoriesFriday, April 25 (2pm) - This workshop, generously supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), will explore storytelling through digital photography, as the age old adage states “there are a million words in every photo.”
Voice Recital Wednesday, April 2 (7pm) - Come delight in the wonders and abilities of the human voice unamplified and hear the next generation of Canadian opera singers from the University of Toronto Faculty of Music voice studio of Elizabeth McDonald.
Wellness Group with DebTuesdays (6:30pm) - A Support Group for people living with cancer, from newly diagnosed up to 18 months post-treatment. MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED.
Wellness Group with EllenTuesdays (6:30pm) - A Support Group for people living with cancer, from newly diagnosed up to 18 months post-treatment.
Zumba: The Art of Gentle Movement & DanceThursdays(6:30pm) - Zumba is a described as an effortless, fun workout where you can lose yourself in the music and find yourself in the shape at the original dance-fitness party. It's easy to do and low impact.

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