Our Impact

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A patient doing a craft

Through participant surveys, we know that attending programs at Gilda’s Toronto improves their lives in many ways, including reducing cancer–related stress. We help those diagnosed with cancer, their caregivers, partners and family members (including children and teens) and those grieving the loss of someone due to cancer. 


Here are just a few testimonials from people who benefitted from Gilda’s Toronto’s programming. 

“Thank you for making this program possible. Caring for someone with cancer changes you in ways you never expected, and it was helpful to know that others share these feelings.”  


“Gilda’s Toronto is a lifesaver when you’re going through cancer! And it’s a gift to be able to attend these cancer support programs. Thank you, Gilda’s Toronto, for all that you do!” 


“My kids, ages 13 and 16, really enjoyed being part of the teen group. It was clear they felt comfortable knowing they had shared experiences with cancer. They never missed a single session and always organized themselves to be ready, right at the start, which is a clear reflection of their enthusiasm (as they are often late for school!).” 


“I completed the post-treatment support group. I’m good at looking for the silver lining and focusing on the positive, but I struggled and needed to talk about what I was going through. The give and take in the support group sessions was remarkable. I got a lot more out of it than I ever anticipated.”

Anne McAuley  

“I was in a “warrior” state but knew I needed more than the medical treatment, and I found that at Gilda’s Toronto. I am taking part in the survivor’s group, a safe space to discuss concerns weighing heavily on me. And I know this community will not only help me “live with cancer” but “thrive” with it.”

Maria-Leena Clarke 

Gilda’s Toronto had a lot of information for me as my wife’s primary caregiver and our young son. I found the psychosocial care I needed at Gilda’s Toronto a relief. It was a supportive environment where, as caregivers to loved ones with cancer, we all shared similar experiences. Gilda’s Toronto also helped me talk to my son. It was crucial to have the proper language to speak to him in an age-appropriate manner. I’ve met some people through Gilda’s Toronto that I’ve continued to see outside the support group. If I’m having a rough day, there is someone who can understand what I’m going through. That’s priceless.”

Jeffrey Hackett (lost his wife to cancer when she was 34)  

Impact by the numbers 

In 2022: 

  • 311 New members joined 
  • 457 Total program sessions  
  • 384 Total one-on-one sessions  
  • 3,947 Total program attendance 

70% Increase in the Friends and Family caregiver support group. 

40% Increase in our Child/Youth registrations from 2019 to 2022