Lorna Rosenstein Legacy Fund

The Lorna Rosenstein Legacy Fund
An event outside the Gilda's building

Lorna Rosenstein was central to the founding of Gilda’s Toronto in 1996. To honour her memory, her commitment to lifelong volunteerism and her belief that no one should face cancer alone, the co-founders of Gilda’s Toronto created the Lorna Rosenstein Legacy Fund.  

“All she wanted to know was how she could help. With her engaging nature, her warmth, her humour and her smarts, she became a driving force in getting our doors open,” recalls Linda Rechtsman of her friend and co-founder Lorna Rosenstein. 

Lorna lived the concept of “tzedakah” with a generosity of spirit and commitment to community volunteerism. The Lorna Rosenstein Legacy Fund will continue to fulfil Lorna’s vision of a warm, welcoming community of support that improves the lives of those affected by a cancer diagnosis. 

The Lorna Rosenstein Legacy Fund raises money for the area of greatest need at Gilda’s Toronto. It also supports the Lorna Rosenstein Youth Volunteer Leadership Award, given each year to a youth between 14 and 24 who has been affected by cancer and has shown volunteer leadership in the cancer community. The award recognizes the strength and resilience that can develop in young leaders impacted by a cancer diagnosis themselves or through someone close to them. 

Should you require assistance with your donation or wish to provide your donation over the phone, staff is available to assist you by calling 416-214-9898 x 205.