The Long Table Cookbook

In support of Gilda’s Toronto.

Chef Amy Symington collaborates with Gilda’s Toronto to provide evidence-based nutrition information and practical and satisfying recipes to support the many individuals and families impacted by cancer each year and those who work to support those living with cancer. You can receive the book instead of a tax receipt when you donate $40.

With your support, you are helping to fund essential social, emotional and nutritional programming at Gilda’s Toronto for members experiencing cancer-related stress. Gilda’s Toronto receives all author proceeds from the sale of this cookbook if purchased through the Gilda’s Toronto website.

Should you require assistance with your purchase or wish to provide your details over the phone, please call 416-214-9898 x 205.  

Please Note:
If you buy the Long Table Cookbook, you must arrange to pick it up.
No tax receipt will be issued  for the purchase of the book.